Living Free

Living Free Resources

Session 1 - Our Original Design and Who we are in Christ – Adam Tams
This session introduces the course and some basic assumptions. It speaks into God’s original design for Creation, and for us, as well as our identity in Christ.

Week One Handout

Christian Birthright Card

Week One Talk
Session 2 - Two Realms - Jonathan Jee
This session focused on the ‘supernatural realms’ and the realities of them. It gives a ‘language’ for the rest of the course.

Week Two Handout

Week Two Talk
Session 3 - Rebellion and Repentance - Jonathan Jee
This session looked at sinful rebellion and explain what sets us free.

Week Three Handout

Week Three Talk
Session 4 - Strongholds - Jonathan Jee
This session looked at Strongholds, what they are and how to deal with them

Week Four Handout

Week Four Talk
Session 5 - Authority - Adam Tams
This session looked at Authority, specificaly God's authority and how he delegates that.

Week Five Handout

Rejection Strongholds Worksheet

Week Five Talk
Session 6 - Authority and Hearing God's Voice (Part 1) - Adam Tams
This session continued to look at our authority and how this works when we hear God's voice.

Week Six Handout

Week Six Talk
Session 7  - Hearing God's Voice (Part 2) Making the most out of the bible - Jonathan Jee
This sesssion looked at Scripture and how we can use it best in our daily lives.

Week Seven Handout

Week Seven Talk
Session 8 - Victory, Disappointment and Faith - Adam Tams
This was the final session and looked at how we handle disappoinment and keep our faith.

Week Eight Handout

Week Eight Talk