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St Paul's Kids is our ministry for 0-11's during our Sunday morning services. The vision of St Paul’s Kids ministry is to see each child in church meet with the living God and to grow in knowledge of His love for them. We are now meeting back in the building!  The groups start with Wrigglers for 0-2.5 year olds, then Movers for 2-4/5 year olds, Shine out & Soak up for 4-8 year olds and Interact for 9-11 year olds. See below for details of how to join in.

Biblical and Prayerful
We learn from the Bible to help us understand our relationship with God and our world. We learn to talk and listen to God for ourselves, others and the world. 
We seek to become the children God made us to be in all that we do. 
We invite and include people in our groups and friendships. We share what we have including our resources, ability to pray for one another and our time. 
We share what we do in St Paul's Kids and the good news we know that Jesus loves us.
We share what’s going on in our lives and are kind to one another, helping everyone to see and remember God loves and cares for them.
  Led by the Spirit
We learn to listen and respond to God speaking through his Holy Spirit through Scripture and prayer.
Tiddlies Praise 2021

Tiddlies Praise

Tiddlies Praise is a toddler group hosted by St. Paul’s Church. It is a free group, with no membership restrictions. All are welcome! Tiddlies Praise is a space where children can play together with a range of toys and soft play equipment, and parents can gather to support and develop friendships. During the sessions, we have a break in play to sing together and listen to a story. Snacks and drinks for children and adults are provided throughout the session.

When:  Tuesdays in term time, 10:00-11.15am

Where:  Main church worship area.

Wrigglers (0-2.5 yrs)

Wrigglers is our crèche which caters for new-borns to young children up to 2 years. Children are cared for by a dedicated team of volunteers, all of whom are DBS checked members of our church. During the session a variety of toys are played with, songs are sung and the children are prayed for. Children are registered on arrival and are signed out at the end of the session. Volunteers are trained to support parents and children as they are left independently, although parents occasionally stay with their child. Wrigglers happens in the .

Our prayer for the children and families who use the Wrigglers provision is that they know the love of God through the care shown to them. 

When: Sunday Morning Services in term time.

Where: Crèche room, just off the main foyer.
Wrigglers 2021
Movers 2021

Movers (2 - 4 or 5yrs)

Movers is the group for children in Early Years Foundation Stage. Children are dropped off by their parents, registered at the start of a session and signed back into their parents' care at the end of the session. Children start in Movers when they turn 2 years old and leave in the Easter holiday before they leave Reception class. Occasionally, children stay an extra year in Movers if their parents feel it would suit them better.

In this group, children explore Bible stories and themes using a multi-sensory play-based approach.  We also sing worship songs and have a time of prayer. 

Our prayer for the children in this group is that they              have early experiences of knowing Jesus's love through the community provided. 

When: Sunday Morning Services in term time.

Where: Upper Room, accessed through the main hall.

Shine Out & Soak Up
(4 - 8 or 9 yrs)

This group is for children in School years 1 to 4, although occasionally we will also have Reception children if this group suits them better.  Children move into and out of this group at Easter time. We register the children at the start of each session and they are collected by their parents at the end of a session.

When they enter the room, the children have a choice of two zones – a quiet, reflective zone (Soak Up) and a louder, more active zone (Shine Out). Each zone has a bible story, some crafts, some games and some prayer activities. Children are allowed to choose where they go, and how they engage with the session. We finish every session with a joint Chat and Catch time, learning to pray. 
Our prayer for the children in this group is that they grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus.

When: Sunday morning services in term time.

Where: Main Hall and Heritage Room.

Shine out & Soak up 2021

Interact 2021


This group is for children in years 5 and 6. They move into this group the Easter before they enter Year 5, and leave it the Easter before they enter Year 7. Children are collected in the foyer at the start of the session, and are returned there to be collected by their parents at the end of each session.

Whilst they are in this group, children have time to study the Bible, ask questions, and take part in themed activities and games. We finish each session with Chat and Catch time, helping the children to deepen their relationship with God.

Our prayer for the children in this group is that they would develop a first-hand faith, beginning to take ownership of their belief.

When: Sunday morning services in term time.

Where: Number 40 Leicester Street, accessed through the main hall.

*Additional Info

Please not that all Parents and Carers are required to fill in a consent form for their children.
If your child has SEND requirements we would like to be able to support your child to the best of our abilities. In order to enable this, please speak to a member of the children's ministry leadership team after the service or email them to arrange an appropriate time to meet midweek. 

If you would like to find out more about Safeguarding at St Paul's please click here


Katy Katy Traynar // Lead Children's Minister (on Maternity Leave)
T: 01926 427149
Lizzie Timlin Lizzie Timlin // Assistant Children's Minister
T: 01926 427149
Lydia Yielder Lydia Yielder // Assistant Children's Minister
T: 01926 427149