Older People
St Paul's has a thriving ministry for our older generation which runs throughout the week. We believe that the church is a family in the widest sense, and that family life is richest when all generations are present. That is why here at St Paul's we really value being a church of all ages and all generations, 0 - 100+! We want to provide a space for our older generation to come together and build community with one another.

Midweek Service 

Come and join us for the Midweek Service at 11 am each Wednesday.  

After the service, there are usually light refreshments and the opportunity to stay for a while to catch up with friends and meet new people.  



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MIRTH 2018



Men In Retirement Together Having… 
fun, friendship, food, or whatever you want to get out of it.

The vision of MIRTH is to create a community of men that welcomes others into it and improves the quality of retired life for all.  There is no membership, everyone is welcome at all meetings.

MIRTH Discussion (1st Tuesday, 2pm-3pm)
An informal gathering in pleasant local venues to consider differing perspectives on current news items.

MIRTH Walks (2nd Tuesday)
Local walks usually about 3-4 miles long followed by a pub lunch of course.

MIRTH Main (3rd Tuesday)
Lunch followed by a talk/visit/discussion, 12.15-2.30pm approx.

MIRTH Questions (4th Tuesday)

For more info, please get in touch with Tim Wagg.
E: waggtim@gmail.com 
T: 01926 330498


If you would like to find our more about what is going on, or even if you would like to start up a particular event, please get in touch with the church office.

E: office@stpl.org.uk
T: 01926 427149