global outreach

The GO Team is our ministry for Global Outreach connected to St Paul's. We have a passion to see God's kingdom spread throughout the world. We do this by...

  • Maintaining a high profile of world mission at St Paul’s, bringing good news to both the spiritually and materially poor beyond Leamington
  • Equipping the congregation to be more involved in sharing good news across cultures
  • Selecting, supporting and caring for St Paul’s Mission Partners and Mission Organisations

Mission Opportunities

We want to support all church members going out on short term mission. If you are planning a short term mission trip, or would be interested in doing so, please contact the GO Team for further information.

Our mission partners would also love people from the congregation to visit them and get involved with their work. If you would be interested in serving with our mission partners please let us know!
SA aids orphans

More Opportunities

cv   wec   wycliffe   cpas
SA aids orphans

NOTDEC Uganda Partnership

NOTDEC UK is a charity which works with NOTDEC in Uganda to provide a better life for orphan children. St Paul's has had a strong partnership with NOTDEC Uganda for many years which has seen many orphans being sponsored by our church members, and lots of mission trips to help out on the village.

NOTDEC (the Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre) is situated in Western Uganda and cares for motherless or abandoned children. It was started 30 years ago by Dorothy Nzirambi who started to look after a baby girl who had lost her mother in childbirth.  Gradually more and more babies came her way, most of them having lost their mothers at birth, all of them unwanted by their families. She knew that this was God’s call on her life and saw God providing for her needs.

Supporting NOTDEC

There are now 156 NOTDEC children ranging from tiny babies to young people at University.  Over 80 are now based back with their families. They are still sponsored to cover the cost of school fees, school uniform, school equipment and lunch at school. These children range in age from three year olds to upper teenagers. Those still on the main NOTDEC site live in purpose built accommodation.


NOTDEC village

Our Mission Partners

Richard & Catherine Weston
helping churches and agencies in their international students work. Oxford, UK.
Theresa Wilson
Based in the UK, working on Bible translation for the Ninigo Islands in Papua New Guinea.
a Christian NGO that feeds and shelters persecuted Iraqi Christians.
Keith & Catherine Ranger
ministry amongst Chinese scholars in the UK.
Richard & Carolyn Davey
with WEC International. Leamington Spa, UK.
Claire & Marcos Wurfel
church planting in Concordia, Argentina.
helping people recover from drug & alcohol abuse to build new lives
Elisa Pike
working with a NGO called Compassiva in Brazil.