Here at St Paul's we want to root everything we do in prayer. As one of our two underlying values, Biblical and Prayerful, being a prayerful church means both encouraging one another in our personal prayer lives as well as providing space for us to pursue God in prayer as a church community.



Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come nights are when we gather to pray and worship in a variety of ways, whether that be in sung worship, quiet reflection or prayer stations. 

Next Thy Kingdom Come Evenings

When:  During 10 days of Prayer (See below)

Where: St Paul's Leamington Spa | CV32 4TE

Week of Prayer

In addition to Thy Kingdom Come evenings, once or twice a term we have a particular focus on coming together to pray in whole weeks of prayer.  These weeks might typically include evening and day-time prayer meetings; having the church open for prayer at various time with prayer stations to encourage prayer about particular topics; and prayer prompts on our social media platforms.  We encourage everyone to get involved in some way during the weeks.   

Next Week of Prayer

When and What:

Thursday 30th May 
Ascension Day Service (7:30 for 7:45pm)

Wednesday 5th June Prayer and Worship Evening (7:30 for 7:45pm)

Saturday 8th June Prayer for Leamington (2pm-4:30pm)
Join one of the following teams:

Prayer Warriors - Will stay in the building, praying for those out in the community, for our town and for the world, both on our own, and through the use of a number of family friendly prayer stations.
Prayer Walkers - Will walk around the the parish in small groups, praying for various parts as we go round (with a map).
Treasure Hunters - Will work in teams to pray and ask God to reveal specific people to pray for. We'll then go and look for them and pray with them.

Where: St Paul's Leamington Spa | CV32 4TE

The Well Prayer Ministry Appointments

The Well Christian Healing Centre, led by Anne Hibbert, is a place where people of all faiths and none can have prayer for healing, both spiritual and physical. The aim of these sessions is to allow God to speak into your life through his Holy Spirit in order to find breakthrough in certain areas of your life.

Whether you need physical healing or breakthrough in your spiritual life this is for you. This might include having difficulty in hearing, seeing or sensing Him, or issues such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, addiction, bitterness or anger.

Book an appointment with The Well today and find out more.



Adam Tams // Curate
T: 01926 427149